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PrettyInPink - $1500 18x24
Beauty Is In the Iris - $1500 18x24
SummerPinks - $1500 18x24
Poppy $150 5x7
Oh Lily - $1500 18x24
Summer's Red Gems -SOLD
Sunset Dahlia -$1500 18x24
PetalsOfLove - $1500 18x24
Summer Iris - $500
SweetNothings - $500 12x12
Front Porch Geraniums $600 14x18
Pink Dahlia I - $400 9x12
Pink Dahlia II - $400 9x12
First Ride - $300 9x12
Winter Holly $350 9x12
Daylily - $200 8x10
It's Spring - $300 9x12
Poppy Delight - $250 9x12
Summer Peaches II - $350 9x12
Garden Beauty - $350 12x9
Orange Reflection - $150
Serenity Basket $350
Summer Bouquet I - $350 12x9
Summer Bouquet II - $350 12x9
Grandma's Chair - $400
Life Is Good - SOLD

Fruits, Flowers & Still Life
If sizes are given, they are for the artwork and does not include the frame size. 
Add approximately 3-5" to the dimensions for the framed size.
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